Bathroom Vanity Ideas for Remodelling


Bathrooms are a personal and intimate area of a home, and their maintenance is important for hygiene and general cleanliness. However, an overlooked aspect of the bathroom is the aesthetic, which can help transform the overall feel and experience of the space. A good bathroom design may be even more important than you think and can influence various aspects of your daily routine. Why keep your bathroom plain and boring when you can completely revamp it for the better?! Keep reading for some bathroom vanity ideas for remodelling!

Why is the bathroom’s aesthetic important?

A great bathroom design is far more important than we might consider and plays a big role in one’s experience during a daily routine. A good bathroom design can help you conduct everyday activities efficiently while also helping create a relaxed atmosphere through lighting, colour, and styling. Since a bathroom is one of the most used parts of the home, improving it aesthetically can help introduce freshness to an otherwise stale environment!

What are some vanity ideas for remodelling the bathroom?

When bathroom remodel, the plethora of design elements, styles, colours, lighting, and other aesthetic factors can be too confusing to consider and choose from. With aesthetic choices ranging from classic to modern, to minimalistic, to rustic, here are some of the best vanity changes and improvements you can make to remodel your bathroom completely:

  • Cool Blue

Nothing matches the class and comfort of a blue shade when it comes to the best colours that adorn a bathroom. Paired with the right amounts of balanced colours like white, this colour scheme is the perfect combination of classic and modern, which can be further accentuated by design elements in the bathroom. White marble tiling will go well with the blue hues of the bathroom, and the bathroom could be covered by wallpaper with minimalistic patterns that blend in seamlessly. Revamping the bathroom can also include updating parts of the powder room, such as brass mirrors, wall claddings, sleek cabinets, and a luxurious sink. Combining all of these elements will make the bathroom aesthetically pleasing and the feel of the space more modern!

  • Modern and contemporary

A modern aesthetic goes extremely well in a bathroom, adding luxury and sleekness to the space. The bathroom walls can be covered with textured and patterned white wallpaper or even genuine marble tiles to create a contemporary look accentuated by abstract patterns. If you are concerned about making the bathroom too cold and modern-driven, incorporating wooden elements and darker colours to elements like the cabinet can aid in striking the perfect balance! Also, hanging lights and putting up decorative pieces that fit the bathroom style can help add a personal touch!

  • Charming and Homely

This aesthetic style works best with smaller bathroom spaces, as they are easier to add personal charm to. Because storage is not a major bathroom concern, you can focus solely on design elements for aesthetic purposes. A more rustic or traditional style in a smaller space will look much better than modern styling. You can choose from different vanity types like wash-stand style, pedestal sinks, or even wall-mounted vanities, which can help add a farmhouse-style vibe to the space! Additionally, a soft green colour throughout the bathroom can gel extremely well with the rustic aesthetic and add an extra dimension to the space. 

What to consider when remodelling your bathroom vanity?

While these are some good-looking, popular ideas for a bathroom design, the possibilities and combinations of styles are endless, and you, too, can think of some great stylistic design changes to your bathroom. Here are some of the things to consider when remodelling your bathroom vanity:

  • Bathroom use

One of the biggest factors that come into play is how often your bathroom is used. Answering questions like how big is the bathroom space, how many people will use the vanity, and how much storage space is required in the vanity; can greatly help in making an informed choice about the remodel. It’s as the design concept says; ‘form follows function’. Knowing the purpose of the vanity will help you make a decision regarding its looks and design too!

  • Vanity Materials

Materials play a major role in the vanity’s aesthetic and function; once again, the purpose of the vanity will influence this part. Choosing the right materials that blend well with the bathroom’s overall style is important. Still, it so is choosing a material that provides you with the best functionality and durability, especially considering the size of the space. 

  • Type of bathroom vanity

Vanities come in various shapes, sizes, and styles, and you have to choose the right type to go well with your bathroom aesthetic and fulfil your functional requirements. Some styles of bathroom vanities may be wall-mounted, pedestal, floor-mounted, corner, or vessel, each having its distinct looks and appropriately suited to different bathroom styles. 

Summing it up

A bathroom is a very important part of a home, and remodelling it from a boring and plain space to a fun and comforting one can be the best decision. Choosing the right aesthetic style and combination for your bathroom can be difficult because of the sheer variety available. We have provided some timeless and popular bathroom vanity ideas for remodelling! However, it is also important to know that some factors must be considered before opting for a bathroom vanity remodel, such as purpose, materials, style, and more! Well, what are you waiting for? Get your bathroom vanity remodelled now, and use these great tips for a transformative bathroom experience!

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