14 Best Bathroom Remodel Ideas and Before & After


A bathroom renovation can greatly impact your home’s overall ambiance, ranging from minor tweaks to a complete makeover. Unsurprisingly, this vital space should surely be prioritized when redesigning, along with other spaces in your home.

Whether you’re a modern maven, a color fanatic, or a subtle minimalist, there are over a dozen unique methods to liven up your bathroom. However, choosing the right bathroom renovation company is challenging due to the lack of bathroom-inspiring designs.

In this article, you’ll find 14 best bathroom remodel ideas to look forward to before revamping your bathroom space. Continue reading to know more about it. 

Tips For Stylish Bathroom Design

Remodeling a bathroom is no easy task. However, if you follow the pro-approved steps outlined below, you’ll be well on your way to success. Continue reading to learn the best bathroom renovation ideas.

  • Begin With Tiles And Walls

Picking the right bathroom tile designs can modify the overall look and feel. You can simply select the style that attracts you the most. When it comes to bathroom wall tile designs, the options are nearly endless. 

You can alter its appearance from an arena of colors to forms, sizes, and textures. For the greatest aesthetic, choose water-resistant tiles.

  • Bring In New Storage Solutions

There is no better feeling than having a clutter-free bathroom with no damp towel or stray floss thread. You can invest in some cabinets or install a few tiny designer storage solutions to reduce clutter and organize your bathroom finally.

  • Change Shower Heads and Faucets

Showers and faucets are the most commonly used bathroom accessories. Hence, choosing what best suits your personality and needs is important. 

If you want to match your shower head designs with a shower cubicle, you can browse our gorgeous shower heads and faucets to upgrade your bathroom. Select from wall-mounted shower heads, hand-held shower heads, dual shower heads, and many more. 

  • Select a Designer Bathroom Mirror

Elegant bathroom wall mirrors offer a lot of aesthetic value to bathroom decor. The mirror you select can play a huge role in enhancing the overall style and feel of the bathroom. Moreover, there are numerous ways to transform your bathroom into a luxurious one, ranging from sophisticated framed bathroom mirrors to frameless mirrors.

  • Include Lighting In Your Space

The finest bathroom lighting, like sconces or pendants, adds to a soothing and refreshing mood. A good lighting layout is a sequence of ample light placements wherever needed, such as in the shower, shaving, or putting on makeup. You can also enhance your space’s overall ambiance with other lighting options.

  • Add New Colours To the Bathroom

Whether you go for a flashy jewel-box feel or a light and calm retreat, the color you choose can set the tone for the whole design and the finished space. When it comes to bathrooms, white is always in style.

Off-whites will warm up negative space, while cool whites provide a sharp and clean aesthetic. For a trendy look, you can try pairing white with a dark accent hue, such as navy blue, hunter green, or black.

  • Install Shower Cabins

Shower cabins keep the bathroom wet, clean, and safe. They keep the whole bathroom dry by confining the water flow, keeping it bacteria-free and hygienic. Ceramic-based shower units, for example, not only improve your bathroom’s air quality but also make bathing more fun.

  • Pick Stylish Floor Designs

When planning a bathroom remodeling project, hardwood floors are a timeless choice that rarely goes out of style. They create a warm and classic look and are ideal for spaces such as bathrooms, as they add elegance while reducing dampness.

  • Mini Modern Bathroom Ideas

Looking for small bathroom ideas that make the whole space seem larger? You can easily do this by using cool hues that make the space appear spacious and large. 

Aside from that, use glass shower cabins to add elegance to your little bathroom and make it appear larger. Lastly, we propose using wood tones in your bathroom to create a basic and tasteful aesthetic.

  • Modern Bathroom Revamp Ideas

White usually creates a modern, stylish bathroom. The white color makes your bathroom appear large and spacious. Changing the tiles is one of the first bathroom makeover ideas that come to mind. 

You can use tiles with a striking pattern if your walls are light in color. Choose a pattern that fits your bathroom size.

  • Primary Bathroom Revamp Ideas

Large bathrooms offer the luxury of space, allowing you to combine more features suited to your lifestyle and create a refuge of exquisite leisure. Install two basins, a large bathtub, twin showers, and enough lighting to make your vast space appear luxurious.

  • Bathroom Tile Revamp Ideas

Marble is a classic and elegant material choice that adds value to your bathroom remodeling project. White marble is an excellent choice for bathrooms. This lovely stone is inherently water-resistant and lends a luxurious, elegant touch to any setting.

  • Guest Bathroom Revamp Ideas

Whether you’re hosting a party or having family and friends over for the season, your guest bathroom is one of the first spaces they’ll see and use more often. Features such as the wardrobe, washbasin, and mirror are widely considered for guest bathrooms.

  • Affordable Bathroom Revamp Ideas

In case of a financial crunch, you can select affordable and high-quality bathroom furnishings. That way, you can have a stylish and wonderfully built bathroom with cheap and inexpensive remodeling tips.

Bottom Line

Since our bathrooms are where we rejuvenate. Our bathroom is the only place where we can rejuvenate. That’s why you must keep it clean and beautiful. While specific bathtubs, sleek vanity cabinets, elegant dispensers, and storage have all been seen in modern bathroom designs, you can’t combine everything in every space. 
If you’re confused about how to make your bathroom look appealing yet functional, then you can contact professionals from Impressions Kitchen USA. With our extensive industry knowledge and top-notch refurbishment services, we can assure you of the quality of our work.

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