How Much Does a Bathroom Renovation Increase Home Value?


Bathroom renovations are significant as they increase your property’s value. A good bathroom renovation helps you earn back a significant portion of your money invested in a project. 

You can typically recuperate between $13,717 for a mid-range remodel and $38,952  for an upscale rebuild. Whether you’re redesigning your primary bathroom or a half bath, the returns are affected as anticipated.

This guide will examine which bathroom renovations to choose, their expenses, and how these bathroom updates can increase the value of your bathroom. Now, let’s discuss the best bathroom renovations tips for maximum ROI discussed below.

Best Bathroom Renovation for Maximum ROI

There are many features and components to upgrade when remodeling your bathroom, some of which will offer a better return on investment than others. A few aspects to consider when remodeling a bathroom are listed below:

  • Lighting

Lighting fixtures can influence the room’s overall aesthetic, even though they may seem like a minor aspect of a bathroom redesign. However, outdated lighting may make your bathroom look dismal even after an expensive renovation. That’s why you should consider changing your vanity lighting to make the area stand out and give it a more contemporary style.

  • Ventilation

Nothing is worse than entering your bathroom and looking up at the ceiling to find mold and mildew growing on the ceiling. What good is remodeling your shower if it isn’t adequately ventilated? Your space will last much longer if you plan your renovations with appropriate ventilation.

  • Retiling

Retiling shower walls is one of the pricey projects since it requires a tiling specialist to pay close attention to every detail. However, high-quality, contemporary tiling may completely transform a room and give it a sleeker appearance, raising the overall value of your space.

  • Vanity

A relatively straightforward approach to enhancing the bathroom appearance is to upgrade your vanity. You need excellent lighting, a big mirror, enough counter space, double sinks, etc., to make the most of your time.

  • Flooring

The affordable vinyl and laminate flooring are manufactured to resemble more expensive materials, such as wood or stone. However, these flooring types have their aesthetic appeal. Although costly, heated flooring could provide a greater ROI and appeal to more purchasers. That said, let’s discuss the reasons why most buyers like renovated bathrooms.

Reasons Why Buyers Like Renovated Bathrooms 

There are many other practical reasons buyers like to see recently renovated bathrooms besides the apparent bathroom. Here are some reasons buyers like renovated bathrooms:

  • Energy-Saving

Many homeowners are now attempting to be energy-conscious for financial and environmental concerns. It’s essential to think about several energy-saving appliance kinds and features when remodeling your bathroom. 

Energy consumption is frequently decreased by replacing older furnishings with more contemporary ones. You can also reduce gas and energy costs by replacing water heaters and light fixtures. Using low-flow toilets and shower heads is usually beneficial.

  • Water

Mold and mildew can grow in grout or tile joints, beneath tile or drywall, and on ceilings. While it could be simple to conceal issues during the inspection, the inspector will undoubtedly be able to spot the potential problems.

As a result, allergies or other severe respiratory issues have mold-resistant properties with new sealants.

  • Added Space

For linens, cleaning supplies, toiletries, and other bathroom stuff, buyers constantly look for more concealed storage space, particularly in bathrooms. Check if space is available to install shelves from floor to ceiling and develop a linen or supply storage area into the wall.

  • Modern Design

While modern fixtures offer hygienic and convenient solutions, the vintage charm isn’t available to early remodelers.

  • Cracks & Leaks

For instance, the room ceiling below might be damaged by cracked tiles, loose grout, leaky sinks, and bathtubs. You can repair leaks and cracks during remodeling to prevent unwanted complications.

Do Bathroom Renovations Raise the Home Value?

Yes, to answer briefly, as it depends on the external market conditions and the neighborhood. Determining how much a bathroom redesign will improve your property value is challenging. Discover the impact of bathroom renovations on your home’s value with our expert guidance. Trust our bathroom renovations company to elevate the look and functionality of your home.

However, upgrading is a simple decision if your bathroom needs to be updated, has faulty appliances, or is worn out.

Here are a few last things to think about:

  • Spending some time sealing the tub, re-grouting the tile floor, or installing new lighting fixtures can have a significant impact, as buyers will want to see that a home has been well-maintained.
  • A brand-new bathroom and renovations will increase the house’s value by increasing its desirability. However, not all upgrades are created equal. Thus it depends on the owner’s contributions to the project and the contractor’s skills.
  • According to Consumer Reports, minor, inexpensive renovations to this area could help you sell your home for 2-3% more. A brand new bathroom also encourages offers on your home.
  • Each homeowner must choose whether or not the cost of a bathroom makeover is worthwhile. But overall, you can anticipate a decent ROI and a project that will delight you. The fact that you’ll also be able to recover a lot of the related expenses is just the cherry on top.

Wrapping Up!

To choose the best individual for the job, use our advice on how to find a handyperson, plumber, or other service providers while looking for a professional to complete the task. We at Impressions Kitchens USA hire experts to help you increase your home value. Visit our website or walk into our office to speak to your designers.

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