How Much Does a Bathroom Remodel Cost?


Do you dream of an aesthetically pleasing bathroom with radiant wall tiles and transparent shower rooms? Everyone wants expensive bathroom sets and bathtubs for a good bathroom experience. But you can get all these features with good bathroom remodeling. 

Additionally, good bathroom remodeling gives you increase home value and gives your space a fresh look and feel. Besides, it is an opportunity for homeowners to convert old bathrooms into fully-functional and safe ones. However, the remodelling cost sometimes crosses the budget line, and many people can’t afford to bear the expenses.

Some variables affecting the remodeling cost include the bathroom size, fixtures, and labor cost. Therefore, on average, remodeling falls within the budget range of $70 to $250 per square foot. But you can create a desirable bathroom within a minimum budget if you know how.

That’s why we have enlisted some factors before proceeding with bathroom remodeling and getting a well-furnished bathroom in the following section. 

Cost of Bathroom Remodeling

  • Square Feet Cost

Bathroom remodeling has extensive price ranges for different materials and bathroom types. Moreover, the material and labor become expensive for larger spaces and premium quality items. Generally, remodeling costs between $600 to $800 per square foot as per the following data-

According to Cost vs. Value Report- 

Bathroom typeSquare feet costPrice range
Half bathroom$20$13000-$16000
Full bathroom$50$30000-$45000
Three-quarter bathroom$35$21000-$27000
  • Price by Remodel Project

The bathroom remodeling cost varies with different projects. It starts with installing new fixtures to upgrading the existing remodel plan.

  • Countertops

The bathroom countertops should be waterproof to preserve their quality. Though, they aren’t as heavy as the kitchen countertops. New tiles or lamination countertops come at low prices, whereas solid marble comes in mid-range options. Homeowners choose soapstone or granite for a luxury touch in the bathroom. Therefore, all the materials are maintainable and last longer with regular cleaning. 

  • Lighting

You can replace the existing wires and save money on fixtures during bathroom remodeling. Nowadays, brass and industrial lightings are famous for matching the color of the bathroom hardware. LED strip lights are an excellent option for the cabinet edges and crown molding without hiring an electrician. You can also change the bathroom’s wiring and install a few more connection outlets to add lighting varieties.

  • New Cabinetry

Small bathrooms need cabinets to fit in spaces and hold an extensive range of toiletries and products. The size and material determine the remodeling price, which comes in several options like metal, fiberboards, wood, plywood, etc. Cabinet customization is also available to assemble the existing products. 

Homeowners love to install cabinets that match the vanity in edges, frame, and hardware materials. Choose the double vanity having two sinks depending on the floor space and the number of people using the bathroom. 

  • Plumbing Fixtures

Plumbing is crucial for bathroom remodeling as it controls faucets to toilets. An affordable way to remodel your bathroom is by replacing the hardware with new materials and finishing. Stainless steel and brass are accurate choices for mid-ranged remodeling, and copper brings luxury. You can install a matte, bold look with metallic finishes and chrome hardware sets.

Change the shower head, toilet, and sink with new materials and colors. There are numerous options for choosing a bathtub, but it depends on the floor space. Therefore, all the plumbing hardware ranges from high-end products to nominal quality.  

  • Bathroom Remodel vs Renovation

The words “remodel” and “renovation” are often used as synonyms, though some use “renovation” to refer to upgrading what’s already there and “remodel” to refer to creating a whole new bathroom. A renovation is less expensive as it focuses on cosmetic changes such as new fixtures, countertops, and tile. 

A remodel involves changing the layout and replacing the tub or shower and requires additional installation costs. 

Factors Affecting Bathroom Remodel Cost

The factors affecting bathroom remodel cost besides materials and price per square feet

  • Customizations

Homeowners can choose customization upgrades to make the bathroom more luxurious. Nowadays, radiant heated floorings are a popular choice in the market to protect the feet from cold in winter. You can install a wiring sound system on the walls to play music while relaxing in the bathtub. The connection of these features to the smart-home system helps you to conserve energy and water.

  • Electrician Charges

Homeowners cannot do the bathroom remodeling independently because water and electricity are different.

You need to hire a licensed electrician to change the bathroom wiring. All these professionals charge $40 to $120 per hour based on experience and knowledge. 

  • Floor Plan Updates and Demolitions

The costly aspect of bathroom remodeling is changing the layout because it is time-consuming and labor-intensive. Laborers charge extra to remove and demolish the existing paint or structure. The total cost increases if any work requires cutting into drywall because it leads to replacement. 

  • Installation and Labor

Bathroom remodeling requires different skills, from painting to carpentry. Most of the professional changes remodeling by the hour.

Moreover, anything that is time-consuming and needs effort adds to the total cost, like repairing water damage or placing asbestos. If homeowners call a general contractor to see the remodeling plan, it adds 20 percent extra to the total cost. 

Bathroom remodeling can also need permission from the state government, depending on the extensiveness. Some state locations do not require approval for low-price remodeling or the absence of plumbing. However, local professionals can determine the required permission type and check with the government offices.  

  • Professional vs DIY Remodeling

Bathroom remodeling is possible for homeowners, depending on the project type. However, here is what you can expect from professional and DIY remodeling.

Wrapping up

Always consider your budget and available space at home before proceeding with the home remodeling projects. If you opt for DIY projects, be honest about your leisure time and ability to complete the job. 

It is cost-effective to remodel the bathroom at once, but you can start with the small things without money. All the large-scale renovations are more accessible to deal with than DIY because the process becomes exhaustive. Finally, the extra budget will reduce stress because remodeling predictions can sometimes go wrong. If you are looking for a bathroom renovation contractor in Florida, contact Impression Kitchen USA. Impressions Kitchens USA is a renovation company in Florida that brings you the best remodeling ideas for bathrooms, kitchens, and condos. There is no need for an appointment in our offices. Walk into our factories and discuss the budget plan with the designers. Contact us today at tel:7867448775 to get a fully functional bathroom at an affordable price.

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