12 Astonishing DIY Bathroom Vanity Makeovers


We tend to spend more time in their bathroom than in the room. Making your bathroom a serene escape can help you recharge and reset, increasing your home’s market value. However, bathroom renovation seem expensive and may be tough to update or give a makeover in the budget, including vanity, showers, tub, etc. However, put your worries aside with the little DIY (Do-it-yourself) hack. Now, you can update the entire bathroom without splurging by remodelling an existing vanity. Here, this blog will enlighten you with 12 DIY bathroom vanity makeover ideas that you can easily do at home. 

Top Twelve Astonishing DIY Bathroom Vanity Makeovers

Here, learn the top 12 DIY makeover hacks without changing your bathroom vanity itself. 

1. Choosing a bold exquisite colour

Small bathrooms are comparatively a convenient spot to add new paint due to their size. For your distressed bathroom vanity, use bright blue chalk paint or any bold pop colour that has been archaic and waxed to updated oak. And you can also turn your vanity into an elegant piece by simply removing and swapping out the traditional tulip furniture legs.

2. Go with multiple layers of chalk paint and wax

  • Previously: Dull Gray

With its columnar designs, the bathroom vanity gives off its great lines. However, the flat colour seems dull. 

  • Now: Elegant and rustic

Coating your bathroom vanity with multiple layers of chalk paint and wax has crowned it with a remarkable look and design.

3. Lightning the colour 

  • Previously: Boring Old Hollywood

Your bathroom vanity’s ancient oak does not measure up to the retro-chic flooring.

  • Now: Retro Hollywood glitz

For this DIY to work, implement a light colour and add new hardware to your bathroom vanity. You can harmonise with the rest of the bathroom and enhance the space’s vintage Hollywood vibe.

4. No more Basic Builder

  • Previously: Basic Builder 

“Basic builders” vanity, which is already favoured by millions of homes throughout the globe, makes it very common and dull.

  • Now: Neat and tidy place 

Please select the right paint colour to coat your bathroom vanity to enhance its appearance. This DIY even makes the floor and countertop of the bathroom look polished and new.

5. Employing exquisite Stencils

You need to use painted stencils or wallpaper on the door panels of the bathroom vanity. This is an inexpensive DIY to add flair to a bathroom vanity renovation. 

6. Going white to warm paint coating 

  • Previously: Overly white

Your bathroom vanity looks antiquated because it has too many white components along with the same colour of door knobs, cabinets, countertops, etc.

  • Now: Warm and modern touch

The former outdated vanity is now transformed with a fresh granite countertop and a new colour scheme without the need to break it and start it from scratch.

7. Blending pop colours 

  • Previously: Showcasing potential

You will not find any fault and need a makeover on your deep white bathroom vanity. However, adding the colour flair will surely help you out.

  • Now: An enchanting colour

Paint your existing vanity in a deep blue colour to create a modest yet elegant bathroom makeover. This DIY vanity’s stunning burst of colour blends perfectly with the grey walls and yellow mirror.

8. Transforming your tired antique

  • Previously: Tired antique 

You can transform your tired antique dresser with a DIY vanity only with a suitable paint colour.

  • Now: Trendy antique

To surprise yourself, you can use this DIY vanity with only a fresh paint coat, a new faucet, and a sink.

9. Small modification leads to big success

This DIY works with a small adjustment and modification that can transform your dull and cheap vanity makeover to another level. In this DIY, the lower portion of the vanity will be covered with colourful drapes to bring warmth to a commercial or industrial bathroom.

10. Hardware upgradation 

This DIY only consists of paint and new hardware to finish the bathroom vanity makeover. You can also repair your old faucet. With the money you save on a DIY bathroom vanity project, you may upgrade the space with a new mirror, faucet, or accessories.

11. A new style of vanity

  • Previously: Washed out

To accomplish a spectacular makeover for your bathroom vanity, see how this whole DIY works.

  • Now: Completing it with stunning grey

This DIY vanity uses grey to upgrade your vanity makeover game and includes nickel hardware.

12. Going back to the 1980s trend

  • Previously: 80’s calling

This type of vanity is not salvageable. However, it only has the exception of wood.

  • Now: Modern 

This DIY can be traced back to the 1980s. And you only need an old vanity and a butcher block top to make this DIY work. 


Applying a new layer of paint is one of the easiest and most effective DIYs to transform a bathroom vanity within the budget. However, if you are still seeking professional help to give a makeover to your bathroom vanity, Impressions Kitchen USA is your ultimate destination. We used quality and longevity in our products to satisfy the customers with our unparalleled services. Contact us now!

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