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Financial Institutions & Law Firms

We specialize in crafting bespoke cabinetry solutions tailored to the unique needs of Financial Institutions and Law Firms. Understanding the sophistication and professionalism these sectors demand, our team merges functionality with elegance, ensuring every piece we design resonates with the prestige of your institution. With keen attention to detail, state-of-the-art materials, and impeccable craftsmanship, we’re committed to transforming your workspace into a testament of excellence, ensuring every client and colleague you entertain is met with an ambiance that speaks volumes about your commitment to quality. Choose Elite Cabinetry Co. for a first-class cabinetry experience.

Teller Stations: Cabinets that integrate computer systems, cash drawers, and document storage, designed to facilitate quick and secure transactions.

Safe Deposit Box Cabinets: Secure, metal-lined cabinets where clients can store valuable items. They’re typically found in a bank’s vault area.

Currency Storage Cabinets: Strong and secure cabinets for storing large amounts of currency, often with advanced locking mechanisms.

Document Storage: For bank officers and other staff, these cabinets and desks are designed to store personal items, computers, and essential documents.

Lobby Display Cabinets: Custom cabinetry that surrounds standalone ATMs, enhancing the aesthetics and sometimes incorporating security features.
Commercial Cabinet Makers for Financial Institutions & Law Firms
Commercial Cabinet Makers for Financial Institutions & Law Firms

Law Library Shelving: Extensive shelving units for casebooks, legal journals, and other reference materials.

Document Storage Cabinets: Due to the paper-intensive nature of legal work, law firms require robust filing systems, often with locking features to ensure client confidentiality.

Personal Workstations: Desks with cabinetry for attorneys and paralegals to store case files, personal items, and computer equipment.

Conference Room Cabinetry: Cabinets and credenzas for storing multimedia equipment, legal pads, pens, and other meeting essentials.

Reception Desks: Custom cabinetry for reception areas, which might incorporate display shelves, document storage, and computer systems.

Evidence Storage: Secure cabinets, sometimes with climate control or other special features, to store and preserve evidence for cases.

Bespoke Display Cabinets: To showcase awards, achievements, or artifacts of significance to the firm or its clients.

Coffee and Break Area Cabinetry: Cabinets for storing coffee makers, mugs, snacks, and other break room essentials.

Healthcare & Hospitality

We seamlessly blend form and function to deliver specialized cabinetry solutions tailored for the Healthcare and Hospitality sectors. Recognizing the unique demands of these industries, from stringent hygiene standards in medical settings to the aesthetic allure in hospitality spaces, our team crafts cabinets that prioritize durability, safety, and design elegance. With every project, we infuse a deep understanding of industry-specific needs, ensuring that our handcrafted pieces not only enhance your space but also streamline operations. Choose Precision Crafted Cabinetry, where meticulous craftsmanship meets industry insight.

Examination Room Cabinets: These are designed to store medical supplies, equipment, and examination tools. They often come with easy-to-clean surfaces to maintain hygiene and locking mechanisms to secure sensitive or dangerous items.

Treatment Stations: These modular cabinetry units are tailored for specific treatments or procedures. They’re crafted to be practical and efficient, with compartments designed to house various medical tools, devices, and medications.

Medication Storage Cabinets: These are secure and often lockable cabinets specifically for storing medications. Some might need to be temperature-controlled or have dedicated compartments to organize different types of medication.

Lab Cabinetry: For healthcare facilities with laboratories, specialized cabinets are required to store equipment, samples, and chemicals. They often come with resistance to chemicals and are designed for easy cleaning.

Radiology Cabinets: Used in imaging rooms, these cabinets store protective gear, films, and other related equipment.

Mobile Storage Units: Portable cabinetry solutions that can be moved from room to room, facilitating the transportation of medical tools and supplies.

Reception Desks and Storage: In the front office or reception area, cabinetry is designed to store patient files, administrative materials, and house computer systems while providing a welcoming and organized appearance.

Utility Cabinets: For general storage in hallways or utility rooms, these cabinets hold cleaning supplies, linens, and other essentials.

Patient Bedside Cabinets: Designed for patient rooms, these cabinets store personal belongings, medical equipment, and often come with a small table or tray for meals.

Biohazard Storage: Specialized cabinets designed to store biohazardous materials safely, ensuring they are isolated and can be easily disposed of.


Commercial Cabinet Makers for Healthcare & Hospitality

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